What are these?

There are several of these laying next to the foundation of house that has negative grading all around.

They are plastic, about 10 lbs each, and appear to have directional arrows and holes through them.

Maybe to disperse or slow down drainage to the foundation wall?

Are they filled with gravel or with soil? (if you could tell) I take it there was no name stamped on them of anything…

I saw something similar at a construction site yesterday. They were building a patio beside a tree. The boxes held soil next to the tree, creating space for the roots to grow in uncompacted soil, while the structure of the box held up the patio. Something like this:


These look like they aren’t supporting anything though. If they were filled with gravel, they might have been placed for drainage? Some of these units are made to direct roots as well. Could be to keep the roots away from the foundation.

Weird application though.

That’s my guess.

good info filed it in the red file, Thanks !

Lawn sprinkler system access cover, maybe.

Those are foundation crack covers…:p:mrgreen::smiley:

lol…could be, but there’s not near enough of them!

Nope, Marcel, there’s never been a sprinkler system.

Mitch, they are sealed, so I don’t know what they’re filled with. They are about an inch thick, and there are about 10 in various places next to the foundation. I’m pretty sure they are to slow the water down so it has a chance to possibly seep to the clay tile footer drains (if there are any) before seeping through the block wall and into the basement.

BTW, they aren’t doing their job. Water is still coming through the block walls during heavy downpours. ](*,)

Weights from a weight lifting machine. They are upside down. The center hole and notch is for the key and lifting bar.

Cool! I wonder why the heck would they have put them there?!

Hold down the frost heaves;-)

Probably got sick of weed whipping against the house and at the downspouts. :slight_smile:

Too lazy to weed whip or lift weights. :smiley:

:):):):):slight_smile: YEP!

Cameroon has a part to the puzzle…

NOTE: If you look at the image you see an addition to the downspout. Not the same material and not installed correctly.
Look at the end section and the upper section at the lapping.
The top downspout has a perfect fit with the 45% elbow. The bottom section should have fasteners to stop the end piece from being forced loose from the hydroponic action.

NOTE: It, the downspout leg is in the wrong direction by the way. It should be 4’ away from the foundation. It needs an extension. The distributes were there prior to the 45% leg being placed there IMO…

DOWNSPOUT DISTRIBUTES are used as a stopper from the driving hydroponic action of the water being injected into the soil. They stopped soil erosion. Mostly the fine particulate that get washed away from gutter down spouts. The soil in that area no longer has the same density and water is driven in the soil easily through capillary action. Vanes or channels changing the density of the loam.