What are you thankful for?

I am thankful to have lived during the [size=2]ICE [/size]age! Internal Combustion Engine that is! To feel the power of a 426 Hemi, the madness of a small block Chevy, and the sound of a small block Ford! The screaming of a 935 Porsche or a Suzuki Hayabusa, the lope of a Harley with Screaming Eagle Cams or a 6 second Pro-Stock bike or a 5 second Funny car. To feel the power of big diesels on a offshore fishing boat!And last but not least, the smell of ao 2 strke Dirt Bike Electric motors are a nice addition, but they lack soul. Happy Thanksgiving, Ken :D:D

Ken, you forgot the scream of an R.C. aircraft engine diving from 500 feet with that sudden silence at the end!:shock::smiley: