What are your feelings about online scheduling.

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Hello All

I love the concept of on line scheduling. I'm an A La Mode subscriber. One reason I chose them was the online scheduling. Another was there are over 500 agents in my area who use A La Mode, they already know how to do business with me. There are only a handful of Inspectors in my area that use A La Mode. I'll admit that it is a little clunky to use, many friends who I've asked to send me a test inspection order thought they did, when in fact they hadn't completed the process. I still believe it's the way to go if the agents are booking the inspection. Instant gratification. I'm still amazed how many I lose because I can't get my phone out of my pocket fast enough. By the time I reach into my pocket, grab the phone, look at who's calling, they hang up and are calling the next guy on their list. Also, I've noticed these people block their numbers so I can't call them back.