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FLIR i7 or Flir E5 with MSX Enhancement?

Get your hands on them and try them out.

The MSX is a great addition, especially for the client viewing the image. Both of those models have lower resolution, though, but the I7 has many more pixels (140x140 instead of 120x90).

The Ex series is strictly point and shoot, no SD memory card (connect directly to your PC to download images). It has a wider angle lens than the I7, may help in tight quarters, depending on what your scanning. The touch screen and one button control make it easy to use, if that matters to you.


I recommend you educate then try out camera’s then purchase.

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The RESNET standard is at least 120x120 resolution.

OK… What does this standard have to do with a home inspection or equipment need for the multitude of applications an infrared camera will be used during a home inspection?