What batteries do you use in cameras?

What kind of batteries do you use with your digital cameras?

What kind of life expectancy do you get?

Rechargeables are the way to go, but is there a better brand over the rest?

I currently use Energizer 2500mAH rechargeables and was wondering if there was anything better?

I also use the Energizer 2500. I have 12 batteries that I keep charged and rotate. I’ve been using the same batteries for about 3 years, and they still hold a charge well. I see no reason to change, in my opinion.

Durracell Rechargeable. 30-50 pictures depending on # of flashes.

Pretty much the same here. Keep about 30 batteries on hand with a fleet of chargers. Most important one is the car charger I leave in the truck to keep a set (4) fully charged up while out on the job. Word of caution. If you get any batteries that just won’t hold a charge, toss them out and do not try to charge them as this can permanently damage the charger.

Energizer Lithium. Sells for about $2 a battery. I normally get an average of 500 per set. I wont waste my time with rechargeables. I can’t remember where I put my truck keys at times. I know I will forget to charge the batteries!

I’ve used nothing but rechargeable batteries for about a decade now, I think. Sooooooooooooooo nice not to be throwing batteries away all the time. I have some of everything–Duracel, Energizer, Panasonic, whatever was on sale when I decided to buy some more for more employees. We get about 500 pictures per charge, i.e., we go the whole day through all of our inspections and recharge the batteries every night. Batteries and flashlights are always charging at night. We do run out of flashlights in the mansions that have 10 attics, but we have car chargers and portable chargers, as well. So we’ll just plug them in at the inspection and keep going.

I have a Kodak camera. You can buy Kodak batteries for it that are rechargeable. All you have to do is put the camera on the dock at night. The batteries last about 9 months, cost about $10.00. Have never once lost the ability to take pictures.

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The camera makes a big difference in battery life. Last camera I had to change 2-3 times, 300 pics, camera on all 3 hours. New one, never change during an inspection and the LCD is on always. The old camera the LCD was off most of the time. Both flashes are same quality. If you are going through batteries get a new camera.
I don’t know if it is true but I threw my batteries into a flashlight and ran them down completely and slowly when they were new. Then recharged with the slower charger. I did this a few times as I had been told the batteries have a memory for charge and discharge. I have a 1 hour charger but I think it significantly shortens the life of the batteries. They get too hot and it seems to be damaging.

I think the camera only makes a difference in terms of the number of pixels that it has to save. I use el cheapo cameras, always trying to find cameras with no more than 1 MP. But if I do have to buy one that has a gazillionbazillion pixels, I always set the quality to no more than 1 MP. Anything more, I think, is overkill in this industry.


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**Description: **
AA NiMH Batteries for Rayovac 15-Minute Charger. These batteries provide the perfect power solution for demanding high-drain devices like digital camera and PDAs. Users can have fully charged batteries in a quarter of an hour or less. Can last up to three times longer than standard alkaline batteries and can be charged up to 1,000 times.

I like the 15 minute rechargeable batteries, and have an inverter in the truck.

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Anyway I think Duracell batteries for some reason last longer than Energizer.
I have both and this is my opinion.

Has anyone noticed that if you soak rechargeable batteries in beer for about 15 minutes, they hold a charge much longer, take many more pictures per charge, etc.?

I think that what changes is your perception of time. The batteries work the same whether soaked in beer or not. They actually last a shorter time if you’re using any “light” beer.:wink: I use Duracell NiMH rechargables and find them to be very good at holding a charge.