What camera do you have?

I should poll this but I am curious as to what camera you have and if you were to buy anther camera what would you buy.

Thermal Imaging Camera questions.

What camera brand?

Why that brand?

What features do like?

Next camera if you bought another one would be?


I just got a Canon SX10ISas an anniversary gift. It’s not a crawlspace camera but I like the zoom and wide angle capabilities. Still learning all the features.

What camera brand? FLIR T-400

Why that brand? was best dollar for dollar at that time

What features do like? voice annotation, touch screen, 320x240, fusion for quick surveys when necessary

Next camera if you bought another one would be?FLIR

I would definitely buy a Flir B360 or B400, wait a minute, I already have one!!

Go with the best…go with Flir for IR Cameras and with ITC for training.

…with the high temp option. It has the same features as Jeffrey’s T400.

I enjoy mine. :smiley:

But, it really does matter what you’re going to use it for. Learn that first with some classes and then decide.

I appreciate the info guys. I do plan to get the training first.

FLIR B60 & BCAM SD. I won’t consider any brand that doesn’t store jpeg’s