What causes this?

High Fiber Diet, perhaps?






You’re close to Vegas. You should know what a crap-shoot is! :mrgreen:

Perhaps, but more likely a branch line obstruction. :wink:

More likely a “log” than a “branch” :shock:

Sorry, this is just too funny. Couldn’t resist!:twisted::twisted:

waste line is clogged after the tub drain and toilet come together and is backing up into the tub

Probably clogged with all the fur falling off that arm…:shock:

Damn I thought that was a paw…my bad…

Hhahahahhh you guys are too funny. :mrgreen:

I have been taking a Trainee with me and there was not much going on here at all. As we entered the Master I said to him “Doesn’t look like we are going to find too much happening here.” :roll:

Gorilla on the loose again when you weigh 800 LBS you go where ever you feel like and do what ever you feel like

blue man group…

The other day, someone had just turned on the water supply with the ole blue tabs that had been stewing in the toilet tank for months, nice concentrated blue (like pure dye).

Anyway, the very first flush <–not me BTW, produced several leaks between the dried up tank to toilet bolts/seal and all over the white tile floor, which cleaned up just fine… except it is now white tile with blue grout. Heheheh

Papa Smurf dropped a big one