What children can teach us...

Birthday gifts donated to toy drive

By Darrell Hampsten
Tuesday, November 21, 2006 5:07 PM CST

The lessons of thanksgiving are taught at all grades at Millstadt Consolidated School and one 2nd grader is a star pupil.

Amanda Wegner, daughter of Rick and Kim Wegner of Millstadt and a student in Wendy Mayer’s class, celebrated her birthday over the summer. But her gifts are still unopened, waiting for a less-fortunate child to open them for Christmas.

“On the invitation we asked for no gifts for Amanda, but for her friends to bring presents to be given to the MCS toy drive,” Kim Wegner said. “They were very generous.”

The toys occupy six boxes and will soon be delivered to school.

“The boxes are very big,” Amanda said, holding her arms out in a wide circle. “There are at least 60 toys.” All MCS students are encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the drive. The packages will be picked up Dec. 5.

“I wanted make Christmas better for some kids who wouldn’t have as much,” Amanda Wegner said.

She was nominated for KMOV’s “Do the Right Thing” contest by early childhood educator Cindy Mayer.

While Amanda Wegner is sharing out of kindness, another collection appeals to kids’ love of pizza.

MCS classrooms are competing to see which homeroom collects the most food items for the Millstadt Food Pantry. Non-perishable food items and personal care items are being accepted to fill the shelves.

The food drive deadline has been extended to Dec. 5, the same day the toy drive will end.

Toys can be dropped off at the superintendent’s office, Lee’s Home Center, MCS Early Childhood Center and the Millstadt Community and Senior Center, 102 S. Jefferson.

Items can be delivered by students to school for use in the contest. The winning class will receive a pizza party the week after the contest ends.

“We’re encouraging all students to get in the spirit of giving,” MCS Principal Gary Huwer said. “It’s all about helping others in need.”

We now know one student who took that lesson to heart.

Hi Jim!

Nice article. I wish that all kids were as observant, and generous as this child.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, Frank. Happy Thanksgiving.

Something tells me that almost all children start out this way.

Wouldn’t it be great if…?