What contracts to use?

Hello, I’m a new HI , and I have a question about contracts provided to the client. What do you guys use? Internachi’s ? Or some other? Also what about SOP’s ? Do you provide one with the contract? I guess what I am asking should the limitations and exclusions of a Home Inspection be made known to the client and how do you do that?

I know this sounds lame, but if you want to do it correctly.
Get you a good attorney familiar with real estate transactions in your state…ie business law…
Pay his/her fee to write up your agreement.
That would be a start.
Each state is different.

InterNACHI spent a bunch of $ formulating the agreement: https://www.nachi.org/newagreement.htm

…and, yes, a copy of the SOP should be provided with the agreement for your client. :smile:

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Maryland requires that the report include the scope and exclusions of the Home Inspection:
(a) Written report. A
licensed home inspector shall give to each person for whom the licensee
performs a home inspection for compensation or to the person’s representative, a written report
that states:
(1) the scope and the exclusions of the inspection; § 164A01

The way I did that is to simply include the Maryland SOP by section in each Intro section of my report (Home Gauge)

If your state requires something similar that’s an easy way to do it. Of course that assumes that you do a report by systems rather than room by room.

Larry is on it. I sent the Internachi agreement to my attorney and he just made a few minor changes and it was good to go!


Besides the pre-inspection agreement, I send out an “intro email” with the SOP link, that also denotes what is included with the inspection (like visual mold, WDO/Termite, pool, WindMit, etc.
I keep a copy of the message. :cowboy_hat_face:
It goes like this:
Hi Dieufort!
Thanks for considering me to perform your home inspection.
I understand & respect this is an important transaction & promise to give it my very best effort.

The link for the Standard of Practice I use is at: www.nachi.org/sop.htm

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Thanks for all the great info. I watched the videos on the online contracts and how to tailor them to your own. Also getting it to a lawyer in my state (WV) sounds like the way to go.