What Courses for What Certifications?

Hey everyone, since there is so many different services one Home Inspector/IAQ Inspector can offer I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of exactly what prospective IAQ Inspectors need in order to fulfill the requirements to perform and offer certain services.

Here is a list of services I’ve regularly come across offered by services in Ontario that I’m not sure as to how to become fully qualified to offer them myself. It would be helpful if others who either know or have already been certified/licensed to perform the service would provide feedback on exactly what is needed.

The list as follows…if you have anything to add to it that’s great also.

Indoor Air Quality Audits
Indoor Air Quality Testing
Designated Substance Services
Environmental Air Sampling
Hazardous Material Management
Environmental and Building Science Assessments
Air Balancing Services
Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
Custom Data Logging

Please don’t thread jack or post inappropriate comments or waste anyone’s time, there’s a lot of that which goes on in this forum and I won’t put up with it - if this gets flooded with useless trash I’ll just delete or close the thread and seek help elsewhere.

Thanks to all others who would like to assist me and fellow inspectors trying to build their business to it’s full potential.

Except for the next to the last in your list, I think those service titles are too broad to answer your question. Indoor Air Quality Testing? Environmental and Building Science Assessments? Could mean anything.

Exactly why some businesses use those descriptions. They are vague at best, and left open for interpretation at their discretion. Those businesses/services offered are borderline ‘scummy’ IMO. These are the same companies that you will typically see headlined on the evening news!

Okay so somebody please provide information regarding the PROPER titles for the PROPER credentials needed for the PROPER INSPECTIONS by using the vague list I have provided.

There’s obviously more services that can be offered than IAQ and Mold Testing - and yes I am well aware of Radon, VOC’s, Asbestos, etc.