What date do you want to have this year's annual online Christmas Party?

InterNACHI’S annual online Christmas Party is the largest event in the inspection industry with more than 4,000 inspectors in attendance. What date should we hold it?

December 26th

Yup 26th is good.

December 26th works for me.

Yea 26th… we have that marked off.

Christmas party after Christmas? What’s wrong with you guys?
How about Dec. 18 or the 11th ?


NACHI staff would like that much better. …we already have inspections scheduled for both of those days.


You schedule inspections a month out?

It’s a Christmas party, not a Post-Christmas Party.

18th, but ONLY if I automatically get something since that’s my birthday as well! :slight_smile: I have spent my soon to be 44 years on this earth getting combo presents… SURELY InterNACHI isn’t as cheap as my relatives! :slight_smile:

Hey Nick, with all you and your crew do for us, how about you pick a day that is convenient for your team and we go with that ?


This works^ but next year could you decide before Halloween so we can plan for it!



Let’s have it on my birthday, Dec 16.

Some very important fellows celebrate December birthdays–me, The Fridge (William Perry), Jesus…

NO! booked there too! :lol: 17th works!!

Happy birthday my Brother! I know you are busy, since the new Admin has taken charge!!!:mrgreen::wink:

Was a date picked for the Christmas party yet?

It’s today. You didn’t know?

I vote for Dec. 26th!!