What date should we have the online Christmas party?

Well, have you guys picked date yet? :mrgreen:

Dec. 21? Dec. 25? Dec. 7? Nope :joy:

Sunday, December 16th.


How about Saturday December 22nd!

The 22nd sounds good…and, I’m open to whatever the group wants. :smiley:

I vote the 22nd also!!!

No weekends! Like Usual.

Too hard to be here :slight_smile:

OK fine!
Saturday the 22nd :mrgreen:


I’m with Meeker on this one!

Be PROUD :smiley:

Why change a good thing that was working and why make InterNACHI employees work on their days off.

Sometimes we have to think about others :smiley:

Maybe it will start whenever it starts… stay tuned! :lol:

January 1st

The largest event in the industry is our online Christmas Party. It all starts…

Festivities start on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018. :smiley:

Whoo Hoooo thanks for the info Larry.

I’ll see you all there BYOB :smiley: