What day should we have this year's online Christmas Party? Biggest inspection event.

It’s always the biggest inspection event in the industry.

What day should we have it this year?


Give the money to charity. We are blessed with a good profession and the best home inspection organization in the world. People her act like savages and don’t appreciate the real meaning of this blessed holiday. Just like Black Friday shoppers.


What money? Everything at our annual Christmas party is free.

I think Sunday December 18th Is a good time to have it … Roy

I second that.

The !8th sounds good

Monday Dec. 19 would be a good day. Monday is historically the slowest business day.

Or the 23rd like Marc Said :cool: I sure do not want it on a weekend except for a Friday.

Monday Dec 19th will be a good day!

Any day is good for me, thank you for the Holiday party and all the free stuff you provide.

Yes and no. What does shipping cost to send out all of those free gifts?

Nothing to the winners. 4 big truckloads go out of here that day. We don’t charge shipping.

I understand that shipping does not cost the winners anything. However, INACHI does pay for it. I’m sure that it does not come cheap. You dismissed the idea that Linas had about donating the money instead, since everything was free.

Don’t get me wrong, I have won a few things in the past and I appreciate it. As much as I appreciate the free books and the crawlspace gloves that I received, I would happier to know someone in true need was helped instead.

What you do is great and everyone here does appreciate it. Just something to consider.

For me Tuesday is my least likely to be booked day (never mind I did 2 last Tuesday).

Monday is 3rd busiest day for me.

I don’t much care what day, but

Two years ago it went from early morning to late, late at night.

But last year the whole thing was over by early evening. By the time I got home from my afternoon inspection, the party was over.

Last years’s party seems to favor new inspectors who don’t have much business and left out those of use who have built our business to be busy in December.

Just set a date and I will be there :slight_smile:

Pick the date I’ll make it at some point if during the week. Thanks Nick.

Every day