What deal/discount would you like Sheilenna to work on next?

What should she work on next? Is there something in either your business or personal lives that you’d like to save money on?

CSIA class :slight_smile:



Can certainly check into Subway, sometimes franchises can be a little more challenging as they’re independently owned, but I’ll check it out for you.

Costco new membership and (especially) renewal?

Costco, go to nachi.org/benefits and scroll down (close to bottom).

$50 from Costco to join or upgrade

InterNACHI offers so many benefits that most of us don’t even scratch the surface on what is actually offered. This is incredible. How about new vehicle purchases?

InterNACHI members already get $50 from Costco to join or upgrade.

Outstanding! Thank you!

New vehicle has been in negotiations for many months, still under wraps; but remaining hopeful.

What about cellphone discounts or maybe a hot spot product or plan discount

Sewer Camera - Rigid SeeSnake for example.

Is that a No?

Verizon wireless. Home depo, lowes.

Home Depot or lowes would be awesome

Ace Hardware…


What’s the procedure for obtaining discount, is it simply showing a Nachi ID?

I know there are specific numbers/codes/cards for some companies.

It would be nice to be able to access them all in one place. Maybe that’s available already. :slight_smile: