What did Dominic Do to me---)))

Happy New Year to all.

Dominic filled me with so much knowledge I had to change hats to hold it all in.:twisted: Hope everyone has an excellent 2008

Stay home and safe tonight Charlie.

Thanks for the help and conversation today. Enjoyed it immensely. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year Charley…make sure you wait until midnight before you pop open the champagne bottle you have under your hat. LOL

You got it Mike Same to you:D Have a marathon card game planned

Ol’ Honest Abe Inspections. :shock:

Hey Charley, I’m glad to have helped you out. It was nice talking to you last night and I’m glad you’re loving the program. Unfortunately you will no longer be able to walk through a door way easily, and I think you’re screwed when it comes to crawlspaces!! Try not to stay up until 3am tonight playing with the program :smiley:

Happy New Years!!!