What did you do before you became a home inspector?

Although many inspectors have done a number of things, please list the occupation which you feel best defines your background:

General building contractor, [FONT=Times New Roman]residential or commercial[/FONT]
Sub-contractor (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, roofing etc.)
Tradesman (plumber, electrician, carpenter, roofer, etc.)
Building related services (HVAC, security, other)
Real estate agent
Other building-related business
Other real estate-related business (mortgages, insurance, titles, etc.)
Non-real estate or building-related business

We’re working on a project to open up more work to home inspectors and I’m trying to get as accurate an idea as possible what percentage of home inspectors have a background in building for the proposal. Please take the time to take the poll.

"What did you do before you became a home inspector?"

…enjoyed life!

New construction warranty inspections/management and new home orientations.

Sniper … Political Realignment

Wow, that sounds like way more fun than what I did.

Commercial building operations.
HVAC - Boilers - Chillers - DX units

Food inspector; perishables buyer 30 years.

I was the original Vince and Larry :shock: :shock: :shock:


Home invader - more money and less risk.

Nothing, I saw this ad on a billboard…:slight_smile:

Become a Home Inspector

Home inspections is one of America’s fastest growing industries. Nearly every real estate transaction requires an inspection. Home inspectors enjoy low overhead, low supply bills and high profits. And unlike contracting, home inspections are easier on the back muscles :smiley:

I had a very exciting lifestyle before becoming a home inspector.

I traveled the world rehabilitating U.S. Embassies. We simply hired local contractors (of that country) and trained them daily in order to assist in the refurbishing process of unsecured areas of the U.S. Embassies.

Once I met my beautiful Dominican wife in the D.R, that was the end of traveling for me. I decided to get into home inspections.

Old home and building restorations and rehab.

Aviation electronics and avionics engineer

Giving Architects/Engineers and Clerk of the Works Heart Burns.

And still am. :mrgreen::):stuck_out_tongue:

For one thing - I stayed out of crawlspaces and attics!

Shackled to a cubicle in the mutual fund world and did not even know what a weep hole was…

Hell, I got weep holes in my office where a bucket collects the tear drops from looking at my Mutual Funds quarterly statement. :mrgreen::wink:

General building contractor, residential and commercial
Sub-contractor (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, roofing, Foundation
Tradesman (plumber, electrician, carpenter, roofer,
Building related services (HVAC, Maintenance contracts
Real estate agent-
R real estate-related business mortgages, insurance
Non-real estate or building-related business- Telemarketing system owner
Other- Golf pro

Butcher and Meat Manager…
This is warmer!!!:smiley:

Maintenance Manager of Waste to energy power plant, overseeing mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, planning and engineering.

Director of Preventive Maintenance, Planning, Policies & Procedures, MTA Bridges & Tunnels New York City.

Your talents may be in high demand come the November elections!!!