What do yo do on a high rise?

What do you do on a high rise with no attic access with regards to a wind mitigation inspection? How do you deteermine or prove what you say.

Just curious.

But I thought you were a GC, why don’t you tell us?:stuck_out_tongue:

Call me at 321-626-8153 and I will tell you how I do them


Today I was able to see above the ceiling tiles when I moved them in the kitchen. I took pictures there. That is how I did this one.

Thanks to all for the info.

Thanks for the call John.

Any time

Just what are you referring to as a “High Rise” 8-12 stories, 16 to 20 stories or more? Why would you be doing a wind-mit on a structure like that?

Building wide Wind Mits for the HOA/Building owner; or a personal WM for the individual condo owner(covering only their unit). Must have a GC license to perform building wide WM over 3 stories. BC can do up to 3 stories.

The client asked and paid me to fill out form 1802 rev 2/10.

I do what they ask.

25 floors they were on the 25th.

The idiot said all the insurance people wanted was to verify opening protection. Now his story has changed.

Always cash the clients check at their bank.

ALWAYS. The fee is worth it every time.

I do the MIT II/III and the 1802 on condos all the time.

1802 is for shutter credit and when the MIT is not available.

Because, in order to get contents insurance, several companies are requiring it.