What Do You Do For Security At Your House?


We Don’t Call 911

3 barking dogs.
12 gauge shotgun.
410 gauge shotgun.
40 caliber semi-automatic handgun.
32 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

I live in SC 20 miles from Gaffney, SC where the serial killer was on the loose last week. I was wearing a sidearm on my belt every waking minute…even to the bathroom. Kept all the other guns 2 seconds from me and the wife at all times.

I’ve thought about a house alarm system, but don’t have one…yet.


You wouldn’t want to tangle with the one in the middle

Did they ever get the guy?

funny Chuck, but if She’s anything like mine i know You are right…

Yes. A homeowner saw a vehicle matching his SUV at a vacant home. He and 2 buddies were squatting there. He was drunk on his butt when the sheriffs deputies arrived. One deputy was shot in the leg during the subsequent shootout. The killer was shot and died immediately. Nobody knows why he shot 5 people in 3 days, including a 15 year old girl and her father, and an 83 year old woman and her 50 year old daughter.

There’s a message to us home inspectors in this story…killer camps out in vacant house!

Well that was the cheapest trial of the year!

Bet that pissed off a few lawyers! :wink:

Good luck when you come into my house without permission…


That was my security system for 5 years.

He also learned how to get the phone for us. :slight_smile:

When my first son was born, if anyone besides my wife or I holding the baby, he’d follow them everywhere as long as they had the baby.

Great Dogs!

This big guy (130 lbs.) covers both the front and back doors, night and day.
And you should hear the bark :shock:

****Did you know that German Shepherd breed were originally developed as a herding dog, but have now become the world’s top police and military dog, search and rescue dog, seeing eye dog, and bomb and narcotics detection dog? Is that a smart dog or is that a smart dog? Wow… ****and now they answer the phone…:slight_smile:

LOL, he didn’t quite answer it. He would, however take it off his cradle and bring it to us when it rang. Only went through 1 phone, too during training.

I was working on him getting me a beer when he became verry ill (epilepsy + some auto immune disease). Sure do miss him.

I’m better protected than any of you–I got a menopausal wife!

Jae you kill me :slight_smile: lol

Walther PPK .380 loaded with federal hydra shok 90 grain hollow point.

DSCN0636 (Small).JPG

Make sure your deadbolt holes are deep enough to let the lock be a deadbolt.

If it’s only halfway out, a knife can pick it open in about 20 seconds (or less, I wasn’t very good at it.)

Investigated a bunch of burglaries (in a past life) that were done that way.

“you need to get rid of that nickel-plated sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock”

G26(compact 9mm) everywhere I go

John, perhaps you should learn something very important. It’s the man, not the gun that kills an attacker.

I must be lucky,

I leave the keys in the truck half the time,

House unlocked

windows open

safe unlocked

coin collection on desk

and I hate guns

but I do have very aggressive tools in the garage with multiple purposes. :mrgreen::wink: