What do you do when?

Just did a wind mit on a new house from 2006 but I do not think it has been lived in. Problem is that it has panels and anchors everywhere but at the front the panels could not be installed due to decorative bands from some damn stucco guy.

I marked unprotected as they cannot be installed with what was on site.

Just wondering how you guys would handle it.

So the anchors were there? But the decorative stucco made them impossible to install? Pics? Sounds like unprotected…

Picture does not show them but they are above the foam top and bottom.

Picture is also sideways. I took it for my own reminder of what was wrong.

here it is I thought I did it.

I would have made the same call, if they could not be used.

Tell them they have to buy accordians

Agreed - I have also seen where panel attachments on a bungalow where the anchors were attached to the frame itself - also problematic.

This is what he said:

They can the bolts under the molding and not easly visable but I have placed the shutters on them to test them out in the past.

I replied with this:

I would have to see them in place. I did see them but believe the decorative foam was put on after the fact and do not think they can go on like that without additional hardware.

And also this:
I have also put the question to my fellow inspectors on a message board to see how they would handle it.


I’d say it’s unprotected…

I just hope I am not wrong.

I just do not see how it could have attached properly.

Has anyone seen a method of attachment that goes over decorative bands like those?

Some manufactures make brackets/tracks that raise the shutters for such purposes

I have seen those but there were none on site. Just plain ole anchors in the wall.

If he said that, tell him to install the shutters and you will come back to look at it.

This of course brings me to another point. How do we know that all of the shutters are there? All the hardware? That all of the accordion (when present) shutters work?

Or, is the next incarnation of the form going to requires that…along with pictures?

Mike most of our insurance agents in my area claim that if a house is built 2005 and up does not need a w/m for the credits because they will have all the atributes for the credits…hm. The only thing that might help them is if they have Impact resistance glazed or covering. We are out side the HVHZ.

John I responded to your PM.

Ditto. Same as when on bank-owned in Port St. Lucie the mounting hardware is installed but the panels are all missing.

Eric, Stop! You are going off into no-man’s land!:shock:

The insurance co’s are screwing themselves when they don’t require a wind mit insp just based on young age.

Most of the houses being sold in Port St. Lucie and the rest of S. FL are bank-owned and stripped down. Anything that could bring a couple of $, like a cheap closet light fixture, is long gone.

The ignorance of the whole insurance industry is astounding. One one hand they don’t require an insp and on the other hand they need an insp w/pics.

The owner just called me and had tried to send a picture of the bolts to my office line.

I told him I needed to see the shutters in place.

He told me he was a surgeon and messed up his hand and could not fool around doing it and his contractor has done it and the bolts are long enough.

I held in the laugh when he told me he was a surgeon and told him I would not risk my license without seeing it.

These people are crazy. :slight_smile:

It always makes me wary when the answers keep changing. Things to make you go hmmmmmmmmmm.

Yeah, man!

See you this time next Thur. nite up in Mel.?