What do you do when?

What do you all write when a garage has been converted into a living space and the garage door is still on the outside but un openable and inside it is a finished wall.

Do you mark that the house has a garage opening or not? :roll:

I have had a few lately and was wondering what you all put.

I’d treat it as an opening


It could be blocked in behind it. The clients have yet to know what is is and I cannot tell without destructive analysis.

On a few it would not matter because of other issues but it might on some.

Has anyone ever had it come up in any class?

I don’t recall it coming up in any class.
I would classify it as an opening as it isn’t a wall.
Then, I would need to know if it was rated.
Most of the ones I have seen, have the ceiling dropped so you can open the door and a couple of feet of storage between the back wall of the addition and the door, so you can at least get to the door.

Not this one. I went with not rated. But did different last week :roll:

I would have reservations about treating anything else but an opening. We don’t know the structural integrity behind it. If the insurance agent went by and saw it they would would say garage door opening. JMHO

I take a photo from the room as well.

Todays was marked as not rated but one last week was not.

Todays did not make a difference. The one last week would have. I should have chatted with you all before I made my decision :frowning:

Live and learn. :smiley:

Just report what you can verify. There is no need to speculate. It is not your problem that the OHD is locked and there is no access from the other side.

Was this for a stand alone WM Insp’n or with a HI?

True I just was not thinking clearly I guess. I have seen Faux doors and such on new homes. Looks like a balcony sometimes complete with useless rail and all. That could cause problems

Treat opening as if there was no wall behind it, because they are rarely structural walls. Glazed or non-glazed (big difference)? If non-glazed (x), and the rest of the home is protected, the discount will stay the same for PH. Look for permits to tell you what the door rating is.