What do you guys think any suggestions?

I received this e-mail today and would like some opinions on a course of action from everybody

My husband, son & I live in Westmont right by 59th & Cass. We have an older home from the 1960’s and have lived in it since October 2002. My health has been deteriorating each year I have lived in this house even though we keep it extremely clean, have purifiers running, etc. My doctor is insisting I have a healthy home inspection done immediately. Can you help us ASAP. Take care & peace.

You may want to find out from their doctor what he means but I would guess testing for mold, asbestos, radon, lead, air quality, etc. types of things.

Are you qualified to do that?

No disrespect intended… but if you are unsure as to how to respond to the email… you are not qualified to help them. Refer to qualified HI or IH.

Exuse me I was going to refer her for mold and radon and lead and indoor air quality. I was just running this by everyone so I could give her the best possible info I could. And I really don’t appreciate you snotty attitude. Who are you god to the inspection business do you talk to your clients like that?

WOW!! And you want a professional opinion from your fellow inspectors? :shock: