What do you leave behind??

What do you leave behind for the home buyer?
I’m just getting started and would like some ideas.
I was thinking, the Now that you had a home inspection book. maybe a list of local contractors, restaurants, ext.

the “Now…” book and three business cards.

A binder with

-All of the numbers to get their electricity, water, gas, cable, and phone on.
-A move in checklist
-Info about their warranty
-Info about sewer gard
-Info about alarm system
-NOW book
-list of contractors

Why would you “leave behind” anything? The buyer doesn’t own the home yet.

A smile on my clients face.

I won’t mention anything in the open forum, where non members can see it.

A client with now the information (Inspection Report) to help make a choice of YES or NO, on buying the Real Estate.

Sure is cold down south !!:wink:

I was thinking about going "green"and putting all this info in a flash drive. Instead Of a binder any thoughts?

I always leave a thank you note to the seller and let them know that things may have been changed/moved around their home. I let them know i have done my best to minimize any impact but also suggest they check to make sure any important things/items are back where they belong.
Thermostat setting
Freezer operating?


It doesn’t quite have the “thump value” that way.

I give them a folder with a now book, HON flyer, note pad, pen and business card. My invoice is also in there.

http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/inspection-leave-behind-cards.aspx … along with…www.nachi.org/now.htm (with your business card stapled to the front cover).

Guaranteed to get you another inspection job from the seller if he/she is moving locally.

Honestly, it’s usually my $125 flashlights LOL. I have left them behind more than anything else.

Which is why you should be using these… http://www.topusa.com/pages/products_details.aspx?id=jnkrgrl0

or a mining helmet.

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I started using them to leave for the seller and they have been great! I also use them as a checklist to make sure I returned all settings to original condition.

The buyer gets a business card and a smoke detector with my logo.

Yep, they serve a few purposes: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/inspection-leave-behind-cards.aspx

One of them is that it cuts down on complaints by sellers who get distraught knowing someone was climbing all over their home.

You should probably staple your home inspection business card to it as well.

Smoke detector. That’s a new one to me, what’s the cost tor those