What do you see?

I am new and trying to learn as much as I can about service panels and sub-panels. Please tell me everything you can about this one so I can compare my findings to your much more experienced ones.

Thanks for the help.

-EGC’s on the neutral bus
-No separate EGC bus
-Missing bushing on RMC
-GE and Cutler-Hammer circuit breakers

Why don’t you tell us what you see and we can fill in anything you missed.

I’ll add this one too since it’s smaller than #4:

Excellent idea.

I see an image on it’s side because the poster can’t figure out who to orient it correctly…Yep!
I’m almost tired with dealing with things like this…Really!
Figure out how to do it or don’t post at all…Yes?

This happens daily! What’s up with that? Huh?

OK! I fixed it in seconds…

I am laughing so hard. I’m going to just ask it knowing the answer before I ask.
Roy, have you ever fixed anything while you were out on an inspection?

I know you have man. I am not going to ask how many times.

Thank you for being the only person who actually tried to help me.

Robert Meier - Thank you for being the only person who actually tried to help me. Too bad actual InterNACHI members are not able to.

Alan, some of us who have been here for a while see certain things over and over. And, just because some attempt help in a different manner than requested, does not mean they have not tried to help. We graciously wish for success in your endeavors. :slight_smile:

More times than I can remember. I don’t let anyone know though.
Sometimes it is easier to fix it than write it up.

The poster sent me a flaming PM because I was condescending about his not properly oriented images…:smiley:
He called me and ashole and a jerk.
From now on Allen you will call me Mr. As
hole or Mr. Jerk…OK? LOL! Yes!

Oh! Yes! I forgot one… Narcissus!

Not good to attack others . He has a lot to learn and being polite costs nothing .
. I wonder what the future holds for him . Thanks for the post Roy L

Roy C.
He didn’t get the idea I was pushing him to learn how to post images correctly…
Oh Well!

Consider giving this another shot and…

In hindsight I should have asked for your thoughts first but since the answers are out there how many did you have? Are there any others?