What do you see

I decided to post a couple of pics of this 200 amp service…maybe you see things I don’t.
Gerald Wilcox



Where are the electrical guys? :shock:
Gerald Wilcox

Kinda messy, so it’s hard to say. Sorry to see good Cadillac C-H equipment defiled by a messy install.

Panel used non-compliantly as a junction box for what looks like chime transformer leads in the upper right hand corner (blue wire nut and orange wire nut). White conductors on breakers not re-identified another color, but that’s pretty normal to see. Paper not removed from ground wire passing right to left, above main breaker (overcurrent devices are not to be located in the vicinity of easily ignitable material). Probably a bunch of stuff in that jumble you could pick at. Sorta like picking fly crap out of pepper in that spaghetti bowl. I don’t notice anything to get hopping up and down about, though.

Thanks Marc, always appreciate your comments.
Gerald Wilcox