What do you see

All right - Ive got the flue and was looking at this box today. The first picture is the service panel. I am looking at wires taped in white fastened together with hot wires.

The second box is the distribution panel. I am looking at hot wires on the neutral bar.

What do you guys see??

654 Pine Lake dr Delary(Stern) 033.jpg

654 Pine Lake dr Delary(Stern) 030.jpg

I don’t see “hot” wires on the neutral bar, that’s for sure.
I DO see the wrong color wire used as neutrals and grounds.

Hence the white tape for indentification.

Is that a spliced ground electrode conductor?

now that you’ve got the flue, make sure that you put it back where you found it :wink:

In the first picture, the wires run to breakers, not to the neutral bar.

What’s with the browning of the two top neutral wires???


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