What do you suppose this is for?????

Who In the world would do this what do you see wrong.

That is not a leak waiting to happen–that is a leak happening…

LOL!! I can hear the conversation now: “Darling, wouldn’t it be nice if we had kind of a terrace thingy over the entranceway? And we could plant, like, Jasmine or something and let it climb all over it to shade the front door.”

Jimmy; This was built by a builder over a patio door on a bunch of senior citizen condos all built just alike the one I inspected was already rotting the roof decking on both sides of this little cutie.

Some people will do things wrong for 25 years and still think they are doing a good job.

Marcel :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Hope the builder has E&O ins.

Scott probably a little late for E & O structure was built in 1983 The chimney was just as bad. Had considerable leakage into attic look at the chimney in relation to the ridgeline.

The second pic shows two gables with ajoining valley that had no guttering water running down the side of the brick veneer and overshooting on to the next condo wall???

I recommend a few 5 gal Homer buckets from Home Depot as house warming gifts :slight_smile: