What do you think about Mike Holmes Inspection show?

What do you think about Mike Holmes Inspection show?

I think Homer Simpson’s job is safe.

You will find many threads about your question if you use the search function.

Anything that makes the public aware we exist can’t be a bad thing.

Just wait until a client expects you to haul out a hammer and take something apart…had it happen about 4 months ago!!

And I had done inspections (3) for his 2 daughters previously…TV distorts minds!!

The clients I have spoken with are smart enough to know we do not tear down or fix.
I make them learn as I go so they see everything I am doing.

I think there are many thing I can learn from him, very professional guy and like his show:)

He is an actor playing a home inspector. Those houses are gone over with a fine tooth comb by real inspectors and his production crew before he ever sees the place. Don’t let him fool you into believing he is any type of inspector.

If you can sit and watch his show with an experienced Homie and see what they see .
I can pick out errors none stop .
They ignore to many things that I see …

BTW, Mike Holmes could not work in any regulated/licensed jurisdiction that I know of!!! TV inspectors don’t need training/certification to work.

the better question… what have you all learned about the truths behind REALITY TV?

IMO, it’s not a show about the inspection process. It’s a show about some individual wanting a bathroom remodel or a roof replaced. He’s a celebrity “tool”, that’s it.

WOW- haters gonna hate I guess. Does ANYONE…have anything positive to say about anything any more? What the hell is wrong with you people?

2 People that I know are going to take the Sault College Home Inspection Diploma. They both don’t know the teacher or text that will be used. The Sault College has 36 to start in September. The endorsement was from “Mike Holmes” himself and no one knows the standards of practice that they will use. Half to 1/3 has no content related to HI. The cost! Are you sitting down, $10,000 dollars.
The two students I know are going to move to areas were there are no Home Inspectors. I wonder what the other 34 are going to do?
I guess I will just wait for the **** to hit the fan.:shock:
I also agree with Roy and can’t stand to watch him anymore after he went into HI with his selected “Holmes Group”

So if some one is a farce you do not want to hear it you would like every one to praise up those who do not tell the truth .

Gee I am afraid I do not agree with you .

We had a person selling Home Inspectors insurance that was taking the money and not supplying insurance . This and other Forums saved many Homies from being scammed and managed to get him put in Jail .
I think I want the truth in Posts
Thanks … Roy

TV = entertainment.
This show is should be watched and viewed as all other TV shows, a leisure activity.

Would call it a remodel show not inspection.

Amazing what defects we could find with a sledge hammer!

Better yet, we could get paid (by the network) to fix them too…

He’s got a nice looking worker I’d like to bang.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah she is fine;)