What do you think of this?

This is a four plex with two one bedroom units above the car port. The beam is sitting on the block wall on three pieces of 1x material. It is not locked into the block in the rear and one has lifted about 1/4". The diagonal posts are attached to the block by two nails shot into the block. These units are both empty right now and it has a flat roof. It is located in Lake Tahoe so the potential for many feet of snow is there. It has been this way since 1971 and there are three of these built this way but I still suggested an engineer.

Funny thing about structural problems. They can appear to be minor and lay dormant for years until it fails then people (lawyers) start looking for building inspectors, home inspectors, contractors and engineers for answers and money. Call it out as a potential issue and let someone else lay awake at night and worry about it…

I was hoping you would come in on this one Randy. I was thinking the same thing about building codes.

I said the word engineer as soon as the guy got out of the car, I was early of course. I figure there will be a record snow and then the guy the comes and plows will clip one of those posts and I’ll see it on the news. I just can’t believe how crazy this whole thing looks. Add this to the 2 FPE meter mains and 5 Zinsco sub panels and it’s not for the faint of heart.

I bet the location has a great view though. :slight_smile:

Christopher, Your right. Those face the lake and you can see it through the trees which is one street over.