What do you think?

well i wanted to get some opinions on what happened tonight. i live in Ellijay ga approximately 140 miles round trip at $3.29 a gallon. that’s a half tank in my truck, 8 gallons and a 3 hours round trip to the atlanta chapter, quarterly meeting in marrietta ga. i checked the web site prior to my departure http://www.nachiatlanta.org/default.asp?active_page_id=65 for the meeting schedule.(the site has been updated to include the $25.00 fee in red letters) It used to say:
"Our Meetings Free of Charge and Open To All"
with the meeting place and months listed, nowhere $25.00 per attendee. so when i arrived and shook hands with the 6 in attendance(down from a constant 30+/- every month) and settled in and then was ask for my $25.00 i was a little shocked. I explained that i did not have the $25.00. Earl Beahm-chapter president said “well you need to leave.” I was shocked again, i said “i need to leave; i’m spending $30.00 in gas just to come”. as i make the drive to help support the chapter and maybe learn something new. at one time i was driving 180 miles round trip and up to three hours in atlanta rush hour and an hour and forty-five to come back. to be at the meetings in tucker ga at 6:30. i would say have made an extraordinary effort. i proceeded to explain that i had no idea that there was a fee. Earl replied you should have checked the web site, well i did and again later and it said “free.” Earl said “what do you expect me to do?” i explained that i would have sent an e-mail to all the chapter members explaining the charge. Earl said “i do not need to baby sit.” i was shocked again. so instead of making a big seen i said " i do not agree and i will not be back because of this" with a shrug and his back sitting down to eat from Earl. i said goodbye to all 5 of the other members and walked out.

well got home and checked the site again and what did i find nothing about that $25.00 charge on the meeting schedule page but “free”. it is mentioned under announcements. i do not check the page frequently as it is update very rarely. when i do it is to make sure the meeting has not changed locations. although earl sends an email out about any changes and nachi info.

i am a little stunned at the reaction from Earl. Before the meeting, months ago that the vote for the changes was take place i spoke with earl ( I was unable to attend). we talked over some ideas and one was a charge, i even suggested the later start time for the meetings. that with a later start time and less atlanta traffic more may come. there was even the mention of disbanding the chapter all together. i believe there was an email after the meeting sent to all chapter members explaining the changes in time and frequency, no mention of the $25.00. i cannot locate it now but will try and locate it and update this info.

i would like to know anyone’s opinion on what has happened tonight. if you want to stay anonymous do not log in.

thank you seth hegert

ps i apologize in advance for the grammar


The North Texas INACHI Chapter has open meetings, free to anyone that wants to attend, regardless of their affiliations. We have fantastic vendors who support the chapter and even buy the dinner for that evening, nothing fancy but it is good food. The meeting place is provided free by Kaplan Schools. We have vendors attend often and even provide door prizes for the night. North Texas INACHI treats our vendor partners, and any who attend, just as if they are part of North Texas INACHI.

Have Earl call the North Texas INACHI President and discuss ways their chapter can prevent the attendance fee charge.

Pretty shameful to treat a fellow NACHI Bro. like that. Sorry you were treated like that Seth. ESPECIALLY WHEN HERE:

At NACHI, We Help Each Other

We are the oldest Georgia Chapter in the NACHI family and encourage all Home Inspectors in the Southeast to attend our monthly meetings. There are no dues required to be a member of this local Chapter. We believe in the value of sharing ideas and information without imposing costs on the members. This sets us apart.
So, make time to come and see what NACHI is all about and the benefits of becoming a NACHI Certified Home Inspector. You’ll grow your business and enhance your career knowledge at the same time. We look forward to meeting you personally at our next meeting!

It is a shame this miscommunication played out the way it did and that you were offended, but the connection that NACHI & free are synonymous should be broken.

In the beginning to gain members Nick would fund meetings around the country… Those days are over. Anyone who is part of the leadership of any association realizes that the free model is not conducive to long term growth & commitment. Again I feel bad that you suffered from this but chapters will need resources in which to build a foundation and grow. Besides it is only when you have something at stake that you are truly willing to commit and work to build something.

The best ASHI chapters in the country have dues structures that exceed their national chapter dues because they provide all of the continuing education and create a platform to market together on the web and through print media. This type of success only comes about by pooling resources and directing them to benefit the whole group.

I can see where you would be confused. Direct from the chapter website:

To set the record straight in response to Seth Hegert’s post:

First of all I totally over reacted and wholeheartedly apologize to Seth.

Our “Meeting Schedule” page does in fact say “Free of Charge”. This should have been changed. I wish I had paid the dog darned $25.00 for him myself, but, it is what it is and here’s what it is…

How hard can it be to understand (what I have copied from the Chapter web site under this post? Please see below) Could it be any clearer?

This is the “ANNOUNCEMENTS” page from the Chapter web site! This is where everyone goes for information about the upcoming meetings. Every other person attending the meeting new full well about the changes that were made and the monetary charges posted!

Our meetings were FREE as of our July meeting when the motion was made denoting that, “What is free many times seems to have no value!”. So it was voted on, and passed to have a $25.00 charge for the meetings. This included dinner, with any monies left over to be accrued for future Chatper functions, banners, flyers, etc. This was set to begin with the Chapter meeting set for 10/16/08. This was posted on the web site as indicated below. Maybe if our members would attend more meetings, they would not only be more involved in the process, but would also be more informed about the Chapter business.

By the way, just for the record, Seth attended the Jan and Feb meetings, missed the March, April, May, June and July meetings. July was when we decided to go to quarterly meetings. I have no problem with people not attending the meetings, I just wanted this on the record. Again, if you do not want to be involved or don’t want to attend the meetings, you should at least go to the web site for information about the meetings. By the way, speaking of involvement, if you noticed, Seth only has 11 posts on this site since 6/30/06.

We are all very busy and are all professional business people. I don’t think anyone in this chapter should have to be sent an email on every change that’s made in the Chapter business. They have every opportunity to show up at our meetings or to go to the Chapter web site to learn about what’s going on.

Here is the actual Chapter “Announcement” page! Go to www.nachiatlanta.org and click on the announcements page to view this for yourself. All fonts and print sizes are as listed on the site.

Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.

Earl Beahm
InterNachi Atlanta Chapter President




The meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of:

January, April, July, October

There is a MANDATORY $25.00 charge to attend the meetings which includes dinner and a beverage and will be collected prior to all meetings.

MEETINGS WILL BEGIN AT 7:30 PM SHARP !! They will be held at the Piccadilly Cafeteria in Marietta.

Your attendance will be greatly appreciated.

Our next meeting will be held on THURSDAY , THAT’S RIGHT - THURSDAY NOT TUESDAY. It will be on Thursday October 16, 2008 at:

Piccadilly Cafeteria

536 Cobb Parkway SE

Marietta, GA 30062


Just South of the Big Chicken

For detailed driving directions, go to Mapquest.com](http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?bCTsettings=1) and enter the address above for your destination.


Dump your site and use www.nachi.org/chaptersites.htm which automate everything for you.

Earl is a good man.

Earl I covered this one for ya.

Seth, we renewed your membershp for next year ($289)…No charge.

And you have a free pass (for you and anyone you attend with) to our www.nachi.org/atlanta2008.htm meeting coming up.

And we are shipping you something you’ll enjoy.

We cool?

Sounds like the excuse and blame game to me. There is a link specified for “meeting schedule”. The man is driving 70 miles and checking the schedule before he leaves. And you expect him to, what? Go over every link on your web page looking for information contrary to what is already posted?

Then you bring up the number of posts he has to, “have it on the record”. For what purpose? To blame him? To pass the buck? Because he doesn’t post very often? How weak.

And he missed some meetings. He drives 70 miles one way. It was at the time with the highest gas prices and shortages. You drive what? 15 miles to the venue? Another attempt at blame.

And you don’t think the members should be sent an email with something of this importance? And you call yourself a professional businessman? A true professional that is President of an organization should be making sure the membership receives important information. It would take maybe 5 minutes to send out a group email.

Shame on you.

Stephen, who are you referring to?

Nick, I was referring to Earl’s post. I started to post and then had to lock the horses in. It took a while to finish and you posted in the meantime.


OK. I’m going to take care of Seth in a couple big ways to make it up to him.

I saw that. Nice job Nick. Will see you on Monday or Tuesday at ITA. Just flying in for the day.

Nick, Thanks for your help.
Stephen, I read you loud and clear.
Seth, again, I apologize.

Now this is the NACHI I love. Good Job Earl! Nick,…as always going above and beyond to fix a problem!

Thank you for the responses, and the membership and goodies. I did not want or expect anything like that. I feel as though the whole situation was handled in a very unprofessional and immature way. There where many different ways this could have been handled.

I am not sure if I will return to the Atlanta chapter after this. I am still very upset. I believe that the Atlanta chapter could move forward and regain its strength under new leadership. Earl has put in his time and effort. I believe he may be worn out from doing this as a President. I do not want to put words in anyone’s mouths; this is only my observation over the last two years or so. Although I did not go to every meeting I did make the point in contacting Earl prior to the meeting on many occasions.

The North Georgia chapter was branched off of the Atlanta to regain the positive and learning aspects of the chapters, among other things. A good number of us felt that the Atlanta chapter was/is going in the wrong direction (I had nothing to do with start up of the new chapter).

I feel this has been a great advantage to those of us who attend. Are numbers are a reliable 8 to 10 every month, not quarterly, with new speakers every month, (keep in mind that we started with about 14). We continue to remain positive and active together as a large extended family, including activities outside of normal chapter meetings. Like group picnics, special events around the holidays, etc. I believe this is at least one chapter that the Atlanta chapter could learn from, before there are no active members from the largest city in Georgia.

I take Earl’s apologize as it is. Although a good business and personal practice would have been to pick up the phone and call.

Thanks to all that have read and replied. I hope that this can have a positive end result for everyone.
Seth Hegert

P.S. The web site has been updated to include in red letters the $25.00 fee.

I would like to weigh in as one of the other 6 who were there. I called Seth to remind him of the meeting a couple of days before. I failed to mention the $25.00 dues to him so I take some of the blame. Earl has been one of, if not the hardest working person on behalf of the Atlanta Chapter for the 4 years that I have been involved. I have a lot of respect for him and the leadership he has provided. There are a number of reasons for the decline in our member attendance but I don’t believe Earl is the problem, quite the opposite. His position is not a paid and he runs a successful single inspector business. I think putting the information on the website is sufficient but obviously some people need a more direct means of communications. Maybe Seth could volunteer to be in charge of Chapter communications.
The feeling I had at the meeting was that Seth was objecting to the $25.00 dues that the membership had approved. He didn’t ask if he could pay later or pay for 2 meetings at the next meeting or seek any other remedy. Just stated that he didn’t have the dues and what was he supposed to do leave? Maybe Earl could have handled it differently but that is a little bit of hindsight. I also don’t quite understand why Seth would chose to post the situation on the national board. The result is he received a great package of “goodies” (to make it up to him, whatever it is), a repeated apology from Earl, some sympathy from a couple of members who weren’t present or didn’t have all the facts and Earl has to hear some pretty harsh words directed his way.
And, Seth is still not sure he will return! His actions may cause Earl to resign (I sure hope not) which would probably be the end of the Atlanta Chapter. Then those of us who travel 70 from south of the city to the meetings would have no other Chapter to join as Seth does.
By the way, Seth missed a great meeting, well worth the $25.00!

I am not exactly sure where you see earl repeatedly apologizing to me for the immature way he handled the situation. You have to agree that is was poor judgment on his behalf. I do have a problem with the $25.00, my vote was no. The reason behind this was I did not think it would benefit the chapter in any way and would probably keep members from coming in a time that the economy is down. And the vote was taken at a meeting with only a handful of active members not as a whole chapter. Although it includes a 10.00 meal from Piccadilly, it does not include any payment to the speaker. So why you would say it was worth 25.00 I do not know. In the two years I have been associated there has not been a time that I can recall that the chapter needed any extra money. So a 15.00 left over from every member that pays, where is it to go, what is going to be used for? Is there something else that is not posted on the web page explaining why Atlanta needs to be taking membership dues? FYI ASHI ga pays 25.00 for dinner and a 2.5 hour meeting monthly at the crown plaza hotel in Atlanta. Do you see any comparison? Although I am not an ashi member any longer and do not plan on rejoining. I believe that this is a wakeup call for all Atlanta nachi members, that it is time for a change. I do respect Earl for his efforts and as an inspector. You have to admit that the attitude at this chapter is very negative towards nachi and the industry on a consistent basis.
I posted this on the national site and contact Nick personally in regard to this matter. I believe that the reflection Earl has portrayed over nachi is not in nachi’s favor and needs to be addressed. This is one of the main reasons the north ga chapter was started. I encourage those of you to come to our next meeting the 2nd Tuesday of every month to see a chapter that is moving forward not backwards in the industry with a positive attitude. If you think that Earl leaving his post will kill the chapter that just shows how bad the chapter is doing.


Post # 6 and Post # 14

The information that the two presenters gave us will help me be a better inspector and my clients will get a better inspection. Well worth the $25.00 to me!

I have to agree with Calvin on his assessment of the situation.
I can’t say that I agreed with Earl"s reaction to the situation, but given the fact that you showed up late, unprepared to pay your dues, as all of us prepared for and did before starting the meeting, and then asking Earl if you should leave after his explanation, well…you just opened the door yourself.
I guess I’m just a little confused about this whole process though. I assume you are still on the rolls of the Atlanta Chapter, but you are an active member of the spinoff No. Ga. Chapter. That’s great. I assume that is the case, because of the driving distance.
Secondly, I can’t remember if you were in attendance when we voted on the dues changes, the new Qtrly. format, and other changes. All of these changes were discussed during the (2) previous monthly meetings, prior to voting.
Yes, if you and others, who didn’t/don’t attend our meetings on a regular basis weren’t there, then you missed out on one of the more important aspects of membership, voting for change. We all felt the changes were good for the membership (still do), and will be good for our Chapters growth.
I guess time will tell… but remember Seth, although we collectively can do more together, we are all there by choice, and you are under no obligation to continue with anything you don’t feel comfortable or good about.
Thirdly Seth, what are you looking for out of all of this. I’m trying to understand your agenda here. Are you just mad, and want to beat up on Earl in the most public way you can find, or maybe you want his job as president of our chapter, maybe hoping we will change our minds about the changes we voted on, even though you don’t agree with them. I gotta admit, your writings above (post#14) don’t sound like the words of a man who respects the man he is bashing.
I believe Earl has apologized all he needs too on this matter, Nick has stepped in and helped to smoothe out the wrinkles a little more, probably more than he needed too, and you’ve gotten some Goodies and Time…

I should probably apologize to whomever is taking the time to read my diatribe, but when I think someone is being maligned with onesided opinions, and in a public forum for maximum effect and/or damage, it justs chaps my butt…so, I apologize.