What Do You Use for Contact Management?

In the FetchReport rebuild that Chris and I are starting, we want to be able to allow you to import your contacts. This will make it easier to avoid spelling mistakes or spend time searching for an email address…

Most of us at the office use Google Contacts, but are there other major services you use to store and sync contacts?


Sounds great.

What assurance can you offer that my contacts won’t be used for other purposes?

Need to check Google doc on that.

meaning what Bob?

I can’t believe that some inspection software producer hasn’t devised a contact manager which interfaces your Outlook contacts, I really need to import the information into my reporting software.

InterNACHI to the rescue.

EPIM does that with Google and Outlook.
Been using it for years.

It even does email campaigns if your into that.


OK I am with you guys. Lets come up with a good useable system for all members to use and benefit from. It would be cool if this could somehow tie into the news letters? or even somehow the online Agreements ? and or Fetch Report just sayin as all that info is really going to be the same?

I know Tim can d it as he is the David Blaine of tech support (inside joke, Tim will get it):smiley:


HomeGauge lets you import contacts directly into the report/software from Outlook, QuickBooks, and Windows Address Book, has for a long time.

BAM Dashboard