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Hey all,

So we’ve written about a lot of things in nachi.org/articles, covered a lot of the basics, but we can always use ideas. What do you want to know more about? It doesn’t matter if the idea is really niche - after all, we’ve written about bidets, meth labs and experimental futuristic insulation - as long as it has to do with a house, it’s good. “Green” topics are especially useful.

We can also write articles about home inspection as a business, i.e. government loans, marketing, small business stuff, etc. Any and all ideas, as well as follow-up info, would be appreciated.

Wow, I guess everyone already knows everything

That was just about my last post about 4 AM (Atlantic Time) but didn’t!!

Some of the topics are very basic, so I guess more detail would help,or even making the sub topics easy to search.

Busy time of year but I think some of the guys might know what I mean.

We all appreciate the hard work though.

I would like to offer presentations to realtors that are approved continuing education for their licenses. It’s win- win. they wouldnt have to pay for the training and i would get in their face to talk about inspections. any ideas how to accomplish this?

Maybe Ben or Nick can help you with that

Just got done with a report and thread caught my eye again.

What I personally would like to see is something more that you can’t get on a basic Google search.

How about more practical assistance articles.
I am talking things like serial number lookups for furnaces and A/C units.
You may have noticed that there are several sites and PDF’s floating around but that is because one site does not cover all.

How about more learning ?,such as what does calcium deposits at the bottom of a hood mean? and what causes them.?

Hope you follow my drift.

In a sense these would be expansions of all the basic stuff already there ,and you would certainly never ,ever run out of subjects.
Last thought is this would be a little like all the question s on the forum , but organized.

It would be nice to see an article about liabilty for realtors. This should cover the case where they sell a house to someone when they have full knowledge of a prior inspection report that another buyer walked away from due to issues with the house. The 2nd buyer uses a driveby inspector and gets the house sold even with major issues present. The listing agent always has knowledge of that first report but the 2nd buyers agent actually may not so the article should cover mostly listing agents and are they required to “remember” the first inspection and disclose it.

I inspected a home across the street for me a couple of months back. The home has been empty for about 6 months. In my inspection the roof was shot, and the back yard had been dug up, after talking to the guy from the city that was turning on the water I discovered that the previous owners had a blocked sewer line so they dug a hole and busted open the line and let the sewage run onto the ground. The city found out and shut off their water right before they moved.
This was only 2 of the main things I found.
Sunday a week ago I see the local Real Estate pet Inspector pull up with the same Realtor that showed the home when I inspected it. A young couple followed.
I of course minded my own business and watched them move in.
Last night I see the 24 hour Roto Rooter man pull up as I am walking my dog. I asked the young lady what the problem was, you guessed it, toilet backed up, sink backed up, water everywhere.
I asked if no one told her about the busted sewer drain. She said the only thing that was pointed out to her was the roof.
I asked if her Agent said anything about the condition of the home.
She told me her agent trusted her inspector and that it would make a cute first home.:frowning:
This agent knew full well that there were major problems with house and didn’t say one word. :shock:

Could that be the reason that it was suggested that the HI incorporate wording in their contracts to shift the burden from them to the HI when items are missed?
Bruce I would like to second that request, “Article about liabilty for realtors”.

A consumer article explaining about the EPA rules on Lead Renovators starting next month [FONT=Verdana]http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/new-epa-lead-rule-requires-contractors-certified-48742/ . [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]We also need some type of legal statement to add in our reports or contracts shielding the home inspector from this.[/FONT]

That would be great James. Nice idea.

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Here are a couple ideas that would make for some good consumer related articles:

  • Star bolts for brick buildings
  • Fire cut joists
  • Cast iron pipe sewer pipe corrosion
  • Water tempering devices at water heaters
  • Roof deck basic construction
  • Aluminum Paint is not resurfacing a roof!
  • S and drum trap drains in older homes
  • Rat slab basement floors

It would be nice if they were written with the consumer in mind so that they can be attached to a home inspection report as supporting information.

Great suggestions :smiley: :smiley:

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I never went anywhere, just been busy doing inspections every day and writing reports up on home flipper specials. Also been doing a little networking to see if I can work out deals for NACHI members with vendors that I have worked with personally in the past. I don’t get a chance to post much anymore, but I still read the message board pretty much every day.

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