What do you wish someone had told you before Level 1 training

I am will be going through Infraspections Level 1 course this week. For those of you further along in Thermography than myself. What do you wish you had done to prepare to get the most out of the course? What are areas of the course that have proven to be especially beneficial in the real world?

Thank you.

For me, I wish I had familiarized myself more with the basic terminology used and the regulations that apply prior to beginning my Level 1 course. I should note that these are provided in detail during the course in great detail.

The Level 1 manual you receive from InfraSpection is a plethora of information that can be used in just about every situation within the real world that you may come across in the thermography field. The support provided by InfraSpection during and after your Level 1 training is second to none.

IIRC: Infraspection typically mails you the course manual ahead of time. Take time to read it before the class. It will help you to grasp and retain the finer points of in-class training. The classes are very participatory. If you already have an imager, consider bringing it along.

Hope you enjoy the training.

Thank you gentlemen. I am very excited for this.