What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was admitted to a psychiatric facility. (Insert snicker here)

The strange part about my dream is that the only person who could make a phone call to get me out was… Nick Gromicko…

Seriously… LOL

So it was a nightmare then… :slight_smile:

It is too late! :slight_smile:

Mike, LOL to funny :slight_smile:

Eric, are you saying I am stuck in the funny farm? My husband might tend to agree with you!

He would know better than I!

That is because you are expecting him to get involved with these new Florida regs.

Where did Nick make the call from, inside or out? :mrgreen:

haha… He was on the “outside” and he never made the call! I guess he felt I needed to be there?!

I wonder who he has been talking too? :smiley:

Duh, you ARE in a psychiatric facility its called INACHI.

I wondered if anyone was going to admit that. hahahaha

So how did John react to your calling out Nick’s name all night?

“Nick, oh Nick, please Nick. I need you Nick, Take me (away) Nick, Save me Nick, I need you Nick, Ooohhh Nick, …”! :shock:


Jeff, that is just WRONG! :shock:

I note you didn’t answer my question. :twisted:

InterNACHI… you can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave.

So I guess that means you aren’t going to make the call to get me out! :slight_smile:

I hope I can move past this dream and it isn’t a recurring theme. :roll:

I hope it isn’t contagious! :shock:

Well, your dream could have been about Kenton.


Usually the common dreams have the same meaning but different perspective. there are many online and manual dictionaries about the dreams form you can get your dream mean. Thanks

Dreams are simply your brain processing information and most likely Nick came up at some point the previous day.
They can be effected by outside stimulus however as the dream state is a light stage of sleep.
If you wish to dream about Nick tonight again simply think of him as you fall asleep or place his picture under your pillow.
You can then enter a form of dream state in which you are aware of being asleep and control aspects of it much like a director.
This is called Lucid Dreaming and many years ago I practiced it.