What does this number mean?

Just to satisfy my curiosity…

Inside a condo is this fire alarm strobe light. Near the bottom of this assembly is the number 75. This number window looks as if it can be changed.

What does this number mean?

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Probably a device number.

I used to work with and install fire alrama.

Mike can correct me ;~))

system sensor p2r

NOTE : Strobes will operate at 12 V nominal for 15 & 15/75 candela settings only.
Switching between ranges is automatic.

Cool, I never installed any strobes or lights.


We had separate emergency lighting packs in the facilities I worked in.

The number is the brightness (candelas) of the strobe. Many can be adjusted / set to various brightness.

I thought it was the location identifier. Tells you which one has been activated.

The strobes all come on at the same time under alarm.
The fire alarm zone if more than one, is shown on the annunciator Panel of the fire alarm panel.:slight_smile:

Its a Candela rating the higher the number the brighter.

That’s cool info… I love learning… You guys rock