What drone, and sewer cam should I buy?

Hello all!
I recently passed the NHIE, have a lengthy background in construction and real estate, am a Navy reservist and am currently deployed to Iraq.
The plan is to hit the ground running with my own HI outfit as soon as I get back and am interested in ancillary ways to make money outside of the general HI, such as with sewer cams, radon mitigation, and providing drone video feed/pictures of the roof condition or thermal imaging to indicate leaks/etc.

Considerable research has been done on my part, but I want to avoid making an investment then find myself wishing I had bought ‘X’ instead of ‘Y’.
What has benefitted your business?
Also, I would appreciate feedback from your experiences regarding increasing profit and revenue through other sources and features.
Thanks in advance!

I have the DJI mavic Pro Platinum for a drone. And flir E8 for the IR Imager.

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Welcome to our forum, Nate! Thank you for your service to our country.

Read about working on a home that you have inspected in the Code of Ethics:
https://www.nachi.org/code_of_ethics.htm I-11

I never have used a drone so I can’t help you there.

Hope to see you more on the forum here.


I have a Thermal Seek camera, may get skewered for that recommendation, but it does have more than sufficient resolution. It is relatively cheap to boot.

I have a CRM Sun Nuclear model 1030 kinda pricey, good except it only stores data for 2 tests. Really Sun Nuclear? That is pathetic.

Looking into the latest DJI drone, under 250 grams? A friend who is a drone enthusiast recommends it.

I can utterly assure you not to by a cheap sewer cam, the chinese products just do not last.

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Nate, I would highly recommend taking a Level I ( and maybe Level II) Thermography class, at the minimum, before you buy an imager. They often have imagers at the classes to try out. And, the classes will help you decide what you want to use the imager for e.g. flat roofs, commercial, industrial, etc. = (More $)

Flir has classes and Infraspection and others. Personally, I like they personality at Infraspection better.

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