What else do you do with your camera?

Just wondering how many of you offer services besides just home inspection stuff with your cameras.

What cameras do you all find to be the most versatile for all the different possibilities for use.

How do you find clients outside of Home and building inspection jobs.

What else is out there and what have you found enjoyable and profitable.

I am considering making the purchase and want what I can use for the most things possible.

I would enjoy all the other possibilities and welcome the change of work and clients.

I am a Certified General Contractor and a Certified Master Inspector. I am also a Stucco pro and am thinking moisture intrusion and leak detection may be quite profitable.

I am also wondering what the best yet reasonable no destructive moisture meters are as I currently only have a cheap pin model and definitely want a high quality no destructive moisture meter.

I am kind of worrying about dropping a ton of cash then having tech just ahead as soon as i make my buy.

BASICALLY I would love to ear anything you all have to say about the world of infrared thermography.

I am especially interested in the not so obvious ways to make a buck off of the equipment.

I am also coastal and near a bunch of boat yacht repair / shipyards, horsetracks etc…and would love to help those folks but wonder if they have the equip of hire folks with it to do the investigating.

All comments appreciated and welcome.

Who makes the best stuff? Who has great deals going on now etc…

You have all the basics listed of possible directions you could take it. The only area that I have thought about and talked to a couple farmers who raise cattle about, is using a drone with IR to monitor cattle herds and possibly pinpoint sick ones or ones with fever.
Problem I have is buying a drone big enough to carry my FLIR ends up super expensive. Flight time I think would be quite limited for the job.

Currently there is no provisions for commercial drone use to my knowledge. Albeit flighing on a farm is not about to get a whole bunch of neighbor complaints.

Just like with houses tho. You need to understand the components and how they work together to make any benifitial insights for your customer. I don’t know enough about cattle to make an educated report, and number 2 I am not getting close enough to one in order to put electrical tape on its hide to read it’s emissivity haha.

I took some cool pictures of my dog.

I’m amazed the difference you can get between the nose, the body, and the end of their tail. :slight_smile:

Imagining horses hasn’t been profitable but enjoyable. I think most are skeptical but I have proven myself to a few and hope for it to grow more. Equine 1.jpg

Equine 2.jpg

Equine 2.jpg

Equine 2.jpg

If a horse develops founder, the hoof becomes inflamed. I would think that would show up as an anomaly with the thermal imaging camera. That would be one example I can think of.

It would be intersting to see the differences between acute laminitis and chronic laminitis as in the acute phase (what I call founder) the laminae are tearing and therefore the blood supply is actually decreased and even destroyed, and in chronic laminitis the laminae are inflamed.
I have imaged a hoof that the bone had severely rotated and it was quite different then a normal hoof. But I have not done one that was foundering or one that was experiencing inflammation as in chronic laminitis.
My first image in the previous post was quite a find as the Rt front foot was gone from my screen, there was quite a difference in temps from one leg to the other.
The next image was of a stone bruise.

Its an infection. Duh!

Thermal Imaging porn.

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I am also wondering what the best yet reasonable no destructive moisture meters are as I currently only have a cheap pin model and definitely want a high quality no destructive moisture meter.[/QUOTE]

This is what I use. It’s over 300 bucks though.
Different settings for plaster, cement, wood etc.

Inspector outlet sells it now

Thanks guys for the meter tips and all the others ideas. Keep em coming.

Now I just have to figure out what camera to buy :frowning:

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