What else do you do ?

Having Been With Nachi For Several Months Now I Am Wondering Just What Other Members Do For A Living Desides Home Inspection As It Does Take Awile To Build This Great Business.
I Work Full Time At “rona” In Contractor Sales And Estimating For All Sorts Of Projects.
Hey! Why Not Let Us All Know What You All Do At “your Other Job”.
Not A Pole!
Not A Servay!
Just Wondering.
Thanks Folks!

Fred, for the past three years home inspections is my full time job. Sometimes up, sometimes down but this is the only job I currently have. All that I am working on is expansion of it, and not doing something on a side.

I work as a welder on heavy equipment,getting ready for retirement, I will be doing h.i. fulltime then

Full time now… was in Engineering office prior to… working at government contractor…

but in addition to hi… we do an assortment of Feild work which is becoming harder and harder to fit in now that we are in our fifth year…

field work can range from drive by mortgage and insurance inspections/photos, occupancy verifications, forclosure inspections, winterization, lock changes, trash outs, commercial floor plan audits and the ugly almost collection calls “field chases” to delinquent customers… (we have done away with the later…long time ago!)

But that “Field Services” work helped put food on the table during the lean years, didn’t it Jeff.
I did a buch of it too and am also finding it harder and harder to fit in and am slowly moving away from it.
I don’t regret having done it, but am glad to be moving away from it.

I can’t seem to get away from the trades so I keep my hand in doing trim and installations. For some reason I am the only one around who likes to install crown moulding. I am currently making wood storm windows for this old farm house I am living in. When they renovated the house they took out the bottom of the single hung windows and installed cheap sliders and then threw away the storms. Me thinks the guys who did the work didn’t have a clue.

I build custom cabinets and do furinture repairs aand refinishing also lately been been doing some flooring ,laminate and hard wood. It helps fill in the slow months from Nov to Mar.

I started HI while I was recovering from a back injury where I lost the use of my left leg. The job and I both took time to get up to speed.

Today, I have plenty of “To Do’s” on our horse ranch.
This morning I repaired fence that deer ran threw, welded a broken gate and plugged a tire! I got a little behind this weekend because of the seven HI reports I had to write.

Now which “other job” were you referring to? :slight_smile:

I was thinking more in the line of career, or other employment to offset the slow time it takes to build the h.i. business into a full time career.

I currently am full Air National Guard in Michigan. I work as Public Health Technician teaching medical personnel how to build and operate a field hospital…kinda like a modern day MASH. It takes me away from home to much, up to 4 months a year, but thankfully I only have a few years to go until I hit twenty and can retire. I am slowly building my HI business so that when I do retire I can easily slide into something I enjoy and already can make a living at.


I started in H.I. while I was recovering from shoulder surgery, the third one. For 26 years, I’ve been a General Contractor, with my recent work being roofing, decks, and drywall. With my shoulders done in, I had to quit drywall, but cant seem to give up anything else.
I am in the process of trying to build my own house up in Coe Hill, but I’m not having much luck. I say “trying” cuz the phone keeps on ringing, and I just cant turn down work. I got one more roof to finish this week and then a month off to frame my house. Then back to more roofs in November.
With a glut of H.I.'s in our area, I’m more than happy to climb on a roof.

Hi Fred, I am a Paid Fireman for the city of Aurora , CO Have been going on 27 years. I have also been in the constuction industry for the past 25 years or so. I started the HI business so that I have it up and running when I do get ready to retire from the FD.

Sniper for the government, looking for a meaningful and fufilling 2nd career where you can meet new exciting people, make big bucks and have lots of fun.

Other than Residential Building Consulting (Home Inspections, WETT, Radon, etc) which I do full time, I am also starting a new store-front business dealing with high efficiency and renewable energy products such as wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, geothermal, etc. Should be open in a couple of weeks.

Paul Hinsperger
Hinsperger Inspection Services
Orangeville Ontario

absolutely Erby… I am trying to get away from it to as it distracts me sometimes from the priority work… but we typically use that “extra” income to fund some fun things… this month was a new living room set…

sometimes I am afraid to cut it loose as those lean times may be back… so far so good tho…

I do not understand the free time or the slow time as to doing home inspections. If you are not working doing inspections you should be working getting inspections as PR work, now if you have done everything that you can to build your business and still do not get inspections to do you better look at something different, either in or out- me I am in full time and loving it!