What exterior sidings do you commonly see? (House of Horror suggestions)

We have room for more exterior wall cladding material/installation examples. Here’s what we’re installing so far:

  • Block masonry
  • Brick masonry
  • Fiberboard lapped siding (like masonite)
  • Cementitious (like HardiePlank) lapped siding
  • Adhered stone veneer
  • Hard Coat stucco
  • Moisture drainage EIFS
  • Barrier EIFS
  • Cedar lapped siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Metal siding
  • Wood shingle
  • T-1-11

Because exterior wall claddings typically are installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations, these claddings will be installed correctly but will be accompanied by information noting common installation defects.

Where different configurations have the same- or very similar- installation requirements (like fiberboard lapped siding and panel siding) only one type will be installed and information will mention that installation requirements are the same for similar materials.

If you see a lot of a type of exterior wall cladding that is not listed here, Please mention what it is.

Cementitious (like HardiePlank) lapped siding

ACM shingle siding

You have a lot of metal siding down in Clearwater?

Good one, Brad. We were considering that.

English ivy. People love to let it grow all over everything.

The one that is most problematic in my area is dry stack stone commonly referred to as lick and stick

What would you do if cedar siding was touching soil w a negative grade?