What famous line did Joe Namath say before Super Bowl III?

Anyone know?

He’d guarantee a win

“We’re going to win Sunday.”

Close. The quote made national newspaper headlines back then.

“We’re going to win on Sunday. I’ll guarantee it.”:slight_smile:

“We’re going to win Sunday. I guarantee it.”

what Marcel said

he didn’t say I’ll

Yes sir, I forgot the most important part; “I’ll guarantee it”

His coach knew they were going to win, too. He just wanted to do it quietly. :smiley:

Yep, that is the year I graduated Larry. :wink:

He is known for once boldly guaranteeing a Jets’ victory over Don Shula’s NFL Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III (1969) and then making good on his prediction with a 16-7 win for the Jets.:slight_smile:

Vince Lombardi
“We’re going to win Sunday, I’ll guarantee you.”
Joe Namath
“We’re going to win Sunday. I guarantee it.”

“We’re going to win Sunday, I’ll guarantee you.”

I’m guessing “we re going to win sunday i guarantee it”

More recent concern was the coin toss and jacket choice at the recent superbowl appearance by the broncos, of which I’m a long time fan. Couldn’t help but to be superstitious, that the strange combination of the jacket and fumbled coin toss didn’t jinx the outcome. <-- Crackpot stuff I realize.

However, if your premise/message is a team effort in regards to the I’ll/we’ll/They’ll debate… there could be similarities in regards to the nachi members=players, team owner writing checks=InterNachi.

Correct. And it spewed confidence in his and his team’s abilities.

He didn’t say* “We’re going to win Sunday. And I’m offering a limited warranty in case we don’t.”

*In marketing, there is a big difference between Guarantee and Warranty. A guarantee is a promise of quality. A warranty is a document that covers failure.

I saw this one coming from a mile, or two, away. :roll:

guar·an·tee /ˌgarənˈtē/

noun a formal promise or assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced if not of a specified quality and durability. “we offer a 10-year guarantee against rusting” synonyms: warranty


A guarantee is a promise of quality. A warranty is a document that covers failure.

Are you willing to back up your “guarantee”?

You have published that “every” real estate agent will respond to this gimmick by referring their clients to participating inspectors.

Will you “guarantee” this … by refunding all of the money that an inspector has paid to use this gimmick at the end of one year … if “every” real estate agent has not responded to this gimmick as you have guaranteed?

Before you go too far with your new spin on “guarantees”, Nick, I’ll remind you that you are on the record concerning products and services that are offered on this message board as having none.

He said: oops! I tore my pantyhose

Yes I will. Market it for 30 days and if you don’t think every agent you marketed the program to has begun referring all their clients to you, I’ll back you out of the program and refund all your money.

In other words: Satisfaction Warrantied. Wait, that sounds horrible. Let me try that again. Satisfaction Guaranteed. :wink: