What gives you the right?

Brian McNach.
I am pointing a finger at you for several reasons.
#1 being your dismissive behavior at others accomplishments and you general conduct on the message board that** paying InterNACHI members** enjoy.
Now you mention about your need to call the inspection or code police on a business man and take away his lively hood with out explanation or justification.
I have seen you kind all to often , you upset and try to control a situation for need of spotlight being placed on you.
I challenge all members to come here to rant on the NON-MEMBERs like BRIAN MaCNASH.
Want to have a greater offering to InterMACHI members , then do so with dignity and compassion and remember that others are not perfect as yourself.
You are a visiting member with certain privileges,
Respect being your primary concern when visiting anyone’s home.
So please do so with dignity sir.
I have little patients for the rude and arrogant, pompous self righteous individuals like yourself.
Intelligentsia has many definitions and you name is nowhere to be found in that dictionary.:wink:

You are a funny man!!!

But you really still do not see why Nick has set this board up like he has…it’s sort of like “phishing” on the internet…let the public on and sometimes he gets a good catch- another person that thinks they have what it takes to become a long term successful home inspector! Remember 8 or 9 out of 10 don’t make it past 3 years…could that be you??

Here youare.
Its like you Know all Brian. My very point.
I know more than you think.
So lets get to it Brain.
That thread was for Mr Cooke.
You come in to disturb only. To cause malcontent and be disruptive.
I am not blind and see you doing good Brian.
Leave the guy alone. He is far superior to your intellect in so many obvious ways it unbelievable you do not see nor recognize that fact.
We all have our own little bits that we contribute to INACHI. so the negativity has to subside on your part please.
As I have said time and time again, everyone has the right to be here.
Just pay attention to the fact that you are a guest Brian.
So act in the manner that one aspects from guests.
Respect and well mannered please.
That’s all Brian.
Give credit were credit is due no matter how small it might seam to you the person getting recognition is on a personal high note.
So please. Lets get on with life in the real world please Brian.
Not life in Brian’s world please Mr.MacNash.
Thank you.
That’s all you can go now.

Thats my point.
It seems you come to him more with