What happens when your inspection report gets recycled?

Nice, Nick, I’m adding the last area to my report.

These are very valuable tips, and should be inserted into every report. I have all of these in my reports, and have had for years. This is why learning the business side of this HI business is far more important than the mechanics.

Great advice, thanks Nick.

Very smart & pertinent information that every inspector should read & put into practice. It also put’s into perspective why Inspectors should not be melting their inspections & any type of warranties together.

When I revamp my site I plan on putting a link to that article on my homepage.

Thanks Nick… :smiley:

Take the SEO for yourself… create a separate page on your website with the article, and link it to yourself!

Thanks Jeff,

Something to consider, although in this day & age one has to be very careful of plagiarism. Google will ban you instantly if they even think your in violation.

Per Nick… all articles have license for use by all InterNACHI Members for the duration of their membership. He has also stated that you do not need to give him credit, but I do as it is only proper, and avoids the plagiarism issue which only occurs if credit is not given.

Everything I have, including the shirt on my back, is yours. Use any of it in any manner that you think will help you.

However, I think you should leave my name on it and I’ll explain why. No, it’s not because I like seeing my name. My name “Nick Gromicko” is very unique and also tied strongly to the inspection industry. The combination of these two things makes it a great tool for SEO. For example, Google uses my name to index sites. In other words, a website that has the phrase “Nick Gromicko” on it tells google that it is an inspection website. Once we became aware of this SEO windfall, I deleted my name from most of my other businesses, thus reserving it for you to use for that purpose.

But again, if you’re an InterNACHI member, I’m cool with whatever.

Great information Nick. Thank you!