What happoned to the Power Of Wow??

Did anyone ever get to use the Power of Wow from IBS. There is never any mention about it on the NACHI web site any more. If you did use it was any good??


Not so good reviews.

Thanks Cheryl,

I was on honeymoon when that forum was going on.

No WOW … just PAU (pau in Hawaiian means finished, done with. . .)

Would have liked better results, but no. . . I’m pau with Wow


I still have it but I’m not really happy with the letter they released (to say the least) and I’m not getting any assistance with issues with my website they’ve known about for weeks.

Sounds like the power of “doh!” (to quote Homer)

`Ôpelu ana. :stuck_out_tongue:

`Ôpelu ana.
*A satisfied mackerel scad
*One that has escaped after eating the bait.

Thanks John for the Hawaiian word of the day. Stay tuned tomorrow as we discuss the meaning of the word Opala:D :wink:

How true? How true? :wink: :smiley:

manuahi (no charge) :smiley:

Hello Stephen,
Whats an Hawaiian word I can use for the bastards that broke into my car and stole my wife’s purse while we where on honeymoon in Maui:mad:

Will a Somoan word work?

I’d forget about the thieves and use “kumoniwannalayya” liberally with my bride. :wink:

I best not ask what it means then. all said and done Maui was the beautiful place I have ever seen. Shame the house prices are so high:roll:

kum on i wanna lay ya

Guys…have spell everything out… :wink:

Congrats to you and your new bride. Maui is wonderful!

Thanks wendy


What?! :frowning:

What’d I do now?! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I just could read it as meant and …and… aw forget about it… :frowning:

Gary’s mad at me again…

Just when I thought he gave me a compliment the other day…sniff