What If -----

What if we all got together and compiled a list of technical questions, scenarios and what not — say a list of a hundred or more of the every changing controversial grey area issues, and submitted it to the OIR for a ruling – once and for all. The OIR will have to commit one way or the other. Do you think they would respond to a submittal of this type? I would be happy to organize the submittal if there is enough interest ----- perhaps we could submit it though the Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter -----

What are your thoughts?
Is this wishful thinking?

It might be more effective, if there is ever an accredited wind mit course, to gather comments on that and forward them to the training source, i.e, York or NACHI. If some how you received feedback from OIR that they would welcome and respond to comments, then I think you have a great idea.

They will not commit to anything.

They will inform us that WE are the trained experts.

heard that one before

The truth is that the wind mitigation is evolving and has come a long way in the last year or so. It seems like more and more people are becoming educated about it. I believe the wrinkles will be ironed out before too long.

Taking just a moment to think outside the box… I see no benefit in helping to educate home inspectors who would use this information to produce better $50 inspections.

Dennis writes:

Correct. That is why http://www.nachi.org/wind-mitigation-inspection-course.htm keeps evolving.