What is aircraft grade aluminum?


I have heard lot about aircraft grade aluminum. Is anybody having information about aircraft grade aluminum? This aluminum is not used in pure form that much i know. If anyone have idea please make me reply. Thanks

Trying to build a plane? Do you know how to weld and rivet Aluminum?

Ever hear of this thing called GOOGLE?

Does it protect your eyes from flying objects? :mrgreen:

Only if they are ‘Aviators’.

It’s used in a lot of different things guys, not just aircraft. It’s 20% stronger and won’t surface corrode like standard aluminum.

Duh, really?
Point is, someone searching for general information about anything would be better served to do a Google search before inquiring at a Home Inspectors forum.

I heard a guy named Scotty can help you with some transparent aluminum.

Yea, but… “there be beasties here”!


Close but no cigar.

Hmm! Must be the re-make.