What is behind door number #1

Found this yesterday, in the lower level bedroom. Two water heaters and the furnace.

And how did you report on it, Buck?

Where does the combustion air come from?

Now Buck, why did you have to go open those doors? Looked good with the doors closed. :mrgreen:

Was that duct in picture four the outside make-up air?
Where was the real closet?
Not considered a bedroom if it does not have a closet.:slight_smile:

Now Buck, dont go telling the client anything and ruining my deal… (local real estate agent)

What is that on the water heater and what is that inclining/declining venting?

Linus, that’s the vent from the water heater on the right of the door and the vent for the one your looking at is tied in with the furnace vent.

Can’t tell what that is at the bottom of the heater, even blown up. :slight_smile:
Buck might have a better picture of that or know what it is.

This was a inspection for the seller. There was a closet to the right of the furnace and water heaters. There was NO outside air. The sellers are the first owners. The doors are not self closing and they are not sealed. The two waters are brand new, installed by a plumber.