what is going on here?


Who thinks they can identify the issue here??? :mrgreen:


No clue it could be anything;-)

Batt insulation too small for that stud bay.

Curtains hanging in a window…

Seems plausible.

I thought that as well but wouldn’t the insulation be more uniform in color if it was indeed insulation? Or maybe his camera is just way better than mine

nope, but that was a good guess

that image is from a T-420

So just a smidge better than a hacked E4. One day I guess

Was that taken during the solar eclipse?

no today after lunch, we had an open afternoon so I was messing around

Hey Mike who is the we do you have a mouse in your pocket;-)

lol, my wife and I work together, so we were both doing things

Ok messing around with the wife that sounds better;-)

Tire tracks

that’s a really good guess as well and I can see why you would throw that in the ring but nope…

and when I am saying “guess” I mean 0 disrespect to anyone, I posted this doubting anyone would even get close to what it really was but figured the thought process could be fun lol

Pasta on a plate.

Rolled cool paint on a warm wall?

Non Taken . thought it was worth a shot, If i was closer i would say itwas my forehead and age cracks lol

it could be that but it isn’t…carpet shampooer on the rug lol some spots were missed and you can see there isn’t equal coverage from the machine…