What is going on in your area

This may help some of your clients also

So any body check this out?

Obviously nobody care Wanye…U R A Looser!

Yeah i figure that but it is slow night .
How ever i see more activity in your area with theft , drunk drivers, and other assorted crimes in your area . you need to move to a safer area. My street is very quite . But that could because you cant get up the damn hill with the ice .

I saw it Wayne.
Did not pull up well on Chrome here however it is hard to beat the older and more comprehensive …http://www.city-data.com/

Bank contractors use that one for all their stats.

Well either there is 0 crime in my area or the data base is flawed

There have been 2 armed robberies plus 3 shot in the last month within 5 miles of me.

So I guess it is not what it claims.

Did you check the boxes for crimes ? down on the left side of filters


Zip 54016

Zip Zero Nada

Your right i put in your address nothing hmmm , everyone must be scared of you

It Must be the armory and guards :wink:

Or the black SUV and helicopters circling your home;-)

You them too?:shock: