What is happening with this foundation?

Brand new construction. How do I write this up? I am at a loss for words.

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Do you have pics from further away?

I cannot make out what I am looking at.


What’s the problem? Never seen a weep screed before?



This is the underside of the exterior stucco wall. The house is not sitting square on the foundation. See the difference in the weep screed? It’s ok on the side of the house where you can see the weep screed but around the corner of the front is where the problem lies.

Well Jeffrey, yes I have seen weep screed. Do you see how the house is not sitting square on the foundation which is why the weep screed is only visible on the east side of the foundation? Look at the corner of the foundation and the corner of the house above.

Stucco wall located at “X” appeared to have misaligned/improper overlap or extension beyond foundation wall. Recommend review by licensed professional for corrections as needed.

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Okay, thanks. I see it now.

Massage the wording some and just narrate what you did above my post here.

The builder built a square house on top of an out of square foundation.


no weep screed is evident from my dell
i see mesh which may indicate eifs
misalignment of the foundation to exterior cladding has become more prevalent as trades & supervision passion & knowledge has decreased
welcome to 'merica & big biz ripoffs


I agree with Scott

Observation: EIFS system. Unknown system.
Visible mesh.
No visible starter track.
Bottom substrate not wrapped.

Perhaps if you gave us this information from the beginning, you may have received a different response!! YOU were there. We only know what YOU tell and show us. You get what you give.

The builder failed geometry class…

Were you able to tell if hardcoat stucco or EIFS? Either way its a bad install, just curious.

IMO, you have two issues here. Sill plate is misaligned with the foundation. I would like to see at least 2/3rds of the sill plate load bearing upon the foundation. Second, the misalignment has caused a cladding issues which will direct or hold water along the bottom edge of the stucco.