What is it?

What is this red line for? :wink:

For what’s left of reverse osmosis drinking water system.

The red tube is usually reserved for the waste-water line of the RO system, but this one appears to be the supply line.

What do you guys say when you find one like this with a saddle fitting??

Not much unless they are leaking. They are permitted here.

I have not said much before either, but am thinking I will note them in the future and suggest that they be monitored…It is just a matter of time…

Cut water line for the ice maker.
they are all 1/4 inch.

Saddle valves are not allowed here ,but used all the time.
Eventually they all leak or plug up.(especially the self piercing.)

I had 100’s of those things and gave them away.

The galvanized model is no as bad as you must drill an actual hole to accommodate them.

If the stem nut does not leak the gasket drys out and deteriorates.

Did you know that type of filtration system wastes 3 to 5 gallons of water for every gallon filtered?