What is it?

Anyone seen this before? It looks older than me. The house was built in 1968

It looks like an old elevator or dumb-waiter call button, but that’s really just a wag…

Antenna plug in for an old ham radio. I bet Roy can remember these!

The piece with the string on it is a interlock.

Pull the pin and it’s no go for whatever it is.

Similar devices are used as alarms in patient areas.

Pull the pin and the alarm sounds. It can be attached to the patient.

Michael how do you always seem to know what the odd things are on these message boards.

Experience my friend.:smiley:

I was a technician and engineer in a form life :wink:

Hahaha well you you are certainly more knowledgeable about home inspections than you are with politics ;). JK

I suppose that depends on which side of the fence you are on :wink:

Me no care for leftist thinking :wink:


You’re a man of few word and all of near worthless.:frowning: